About Us

Since Knockout Fitness is all about YOU, this may be tough! But, let’s give this a try… Knockout Fitness is owned and operated by local entrepreneurs, not big-wig CEOs halfway across the country. We’re real life people- just like you- who have families and ties to this great area of New York that we call home. Just like many of you, we have felt the sting of the worsening economy. And, we have heard the countless stories of people who are having to sacrifice more and more to stay afloat in this rocky financial time.


Enter Knockout Fitness.

Yeah, we know that we aren’t the first to offer ULTRA-AFFORDABLE membership rates. And, we won’t be the last. But, it’s our heart to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to better themselves and to increase their quality of living- without having to go broke!

We’re not going to rely on gimmicks to get you in our facility. We aren’t going to advertise a non-judgmental atmosphere (although that’s certainly what you’ll get!) We won’t market an image of the average Joe Schmoe. We just can’t find it in ourselves to do that.Oh no. Don’t get us wrong. We WON’T judge you. And, sure, we will welcome EVERYONE with open arms. But, we won’t make marketing-to-people-who-want-to-be-average our platform. We won’t glorify status-quo. We want to get you excited about all the possibilities for your life! Come on…can we be honest here? Most of us want to be healthier. Most of us want to feel great. And, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, most of us want to look great, too. So, whether you want to

  KNOCKOUT some stress                              KNOCKOUT some weight
  KNOCKOUT some goals, OR                  simply be a KNOCKOUT

Knockout Fitness understands! And, we’re here for YOU! We will do our best to equip you and push you on toward your goals. We will do our best to inspire and motivate you. We will do our best to create an atmosphere where you are convinced you CAN do anything you put your mind to!

Heck, we may just get our cheerleading gear out.

KNOCKOUT FITNESS…Isn’t it time to transform your life?